1 Metre 36 Centimetres

 When The Boy Child was born, he was 52 centimetres long. 
He left hospital at 3.5 days old in the pre-requisite car seat.
 Today that baby is one metre and thirty six centimetres tall.
And legally no longer required to sit in
 an approved car seat when travelling by car.
(Did you notice how much he has grown since the end of November?)

8 thoughts on “1 Metre 36 Centimetres

  1. He's nearly as tall as me! It always feels weird when you don't need a car seat, it took me a while to feel comfortable with them being only held in with a normal seat belt.


  2. He looks so like himself in that first picture! That sounds silly, but you know what I mean: you'd know it was him.

    He'll be patting you on the head in no time.


  3. He was just as bright-eyed then as he is now :). Hoping you and he get used to being 'big' in the car. Of course, the view isn't as good for a little while …


  4. What a brilliant idea you had to record that “milestone”! My kid couldn't wait to get rid of his booster but I never recorded the actual date/size he was 😦


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