Easter Day

Easter Day is pretty much a usual kind of Sunday in our house.
We met up with friends to walk our respective dogs,
and made friends with a new one.
They played chasing games and didn’t squabble once.
We all enjoyed the obvious signs of Spring.
We ventured further afield after lunch.
To the hidden gem that is Little Venice
 How I would love to live in Little Venice.
The outing was actually not a big success.
The Boy Child was heading for a melt-down and attracting glares 
from those sitting at a joining tables outside the floating cafe.
The outing was brought to a swift close.
Hey, ho.
There’s always another attempt at an adventure …

4 thoughts on “Easter Day

  1. These things happen Ruth but you did get to see a beautiful place, the boys played nicely together and I am sure the friends you were with totally understood and in my experience – strangers opinions although can be hurtful are not really important because you know the true story behind the melt downs and the best way to handle them.


  2. Sorry to hear that your day was brought to an abrupt end, you will have to return another day when moods are better and you can relax in that cafe properly. It is a beautiful area isn't it?


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