Five on Friday | A Photography Commission

1.  Another photography commission: the Spring Concert.
The only parent allowed to take photos.
And granted permission to roam about to get the best shots.
The Boy Child and the lovely friend who mothers him.
2. He listened intently to what the others were doing.
3. He loves to sing.
4. He takes it very seriously.
5. He’s in the middle of another growth spurt.
How was your Friday?
Mine was fairly splendid in every way.

4 thoughts on “Five on Friday | A Photography Commission

  1. Growth spurts are the very devil! You cross your fingers and hope to get them to the end of term in those trousers but with only a week to go they look like a cast off from the bisto advert with yards of ankle and calf exposed and a pained expression from the tight waistband. The problem is that they all do it at a different time of the year!


  2. Great photos of TBC. One good thing about being the court appointed photographer – getting sneaky shots of your own child you wouldn't get if someone else was doing them!!


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