Inspiration is Everywhere

My good friend Deb had a fun post today about affirmations. 
 Her post was going to be about her breakfast …
As soon as I had finished reading, I looked around my office to see what things I had up inspiring me.
Inspiring me subconsciously, because let’s be honest, I haven’t looked at the walls in a while.
As the dust and cobwebs will attest to.
There are plenty of days where I’m apt to think,”Woe is me!”
There are plenty of days where it all feels too much.
 Postcards from the Store of Utter Gorgeousness.  Bought specifically for me.
The “Well Done” was stuck in a burger I’d ordered
 No need to reinvent the wheel (it’s a Project Life card).
 From an old Ally McBeal calendar.
 Found in a fortune cookie in New York City in May 2004.
He was there for work.  I’d tagged along because it fitted in with the half-term holiday. 
The Brainy One and I had known each other for six months.
We celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary later this year.
 A constant reminder of our One Little Word for 2015.
 This quotation from Isaiah was very meaningful for my dad. 
 A reminder of what we British do best in difficult times.
I received this postcard in Sian’s recent Postcard Exchange
I should look at my walls more.

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