One Photo | Twenty Words

Hoped he might be older.

I was thirteen.
The Brainy One was nine.
Ah, well.  It is what it is. 

13 thoughts on “One Photo | Twenty Words

  1. We love men in glasses in this house 🙂 He looks fab!

    But I do know what you mean. I was 7, TSO was 4, Little E was 3..what can you do..


  2. He looks very smart in them. I was ten. My brother was about TBC's age. He has only just gone to contacts and I am still getting used to seeing him without his glasses on!


  3. There is definitely a trend
    towards giving glasses to younger children. 5 of my daughter's Yr 3 class wear them. Maybe it means they won't need them all their life?


  4. He looks very good in them. The Pirate was 7 when he started wearing his, full time from then until now at 22. He tried contacts once and was not impressed. Even now when he gets a new prescription it is like the world has opened up and brightened just for him 🙂


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