Month in Numbers | February 2015

We have, in no particular order:

9 ~ the age reached by our beloved pooch, which, as we know, is 63 in human years.

42.99 ~ the amount spent on school uniform:
two new pairs of jogging bottoms and one new winter coat.
48.50 ~ the amount spent on chocolate and marshmallows for the Valentine’s goody bags.
28.95 ~ the amount spent on a new pair of slippers and a pair of trainers for The Boy Child.
4 ~ the number of cousins staying with us and the number of nights they stayed.
8 ~ the number of journeys made by tube train during their visit.
5 ~ the number of visits to Costa during their visit.
2 ~ the number of celebs spotted by my cousin – Arlene Phillips and Duncan from Blue.
Cachirulo was born on the 13th at 8.32pm.
He weighed 3.48 kilos and was 51 cms long.
He spent 11 days without a name.
64.50 ~ the amount spent on two haircuts; one for me and one for The Boy Child.
  The downside of London living.
96% ~ the highest number scored by The Boy Child in his weekly test.  Twice.
270 ~ the number of lengths swum in the pool by me.
25 ~ the number of goody bags taken into school on the 13th.
2 ~ the number of kilner jars turned into Valentine’s Hot Chocolate Jars.
1 ~ the number of books given as a gift: An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth by Chris Hadfield.
5 ~ the number of Valentine’s cards received between us.
1 ~ the number of bouquets of yellow roses received.
7 ~ the number of items given away via
 1 Niceday notice board and 6 assorted coffee mugs.
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5 thoughts on “Month in Numbers | February 2015

  1. There are some high numbers in there – both in a good way and a bad way. Haircuts and car parking – the two things we pay more for here in the city


  2. Looks like a good shopping month with a lot of swimming 🙂 It was fun checking out all the details and numbers on your fake pocket page!
    Have a great month of March!


  3. Haircuts, slippers and trainers – sounds like one of those months where all those essentials caught up with you. [It's like when you realise you need new socks, or self-raising flour … doesn't exactly make your retail-therapy heart skip a beat does it?] That being said … those marshmallows might not fit the 'essential' category … or maybe they do…

    I quite like the idea of living without a name for while – it certainly gives the tiny chap him an air of mystery from the get go. [How adorable is he though? So lovely!]

    Well, you're on the board with the other statisticians:

    Have a splendid March!

    Julie 🙂


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