Mirror, Mirror

When I see myself in a photo or catch sight of my reflection, I rarely look like how I think I look.
We’re talking about photos that make me look half-way decent here,
 not the candid mouth-open-eyes-shut variety.
Photos like this one.
And this one.
Where am I going with this post?
Passport photos, that’s where.
Yep, it’s almost for for a renewal.
So.  There I was this morning, fresh from the showers at the gym.
Hair brushed and in a semblance of style.
Make-up on.
Cardigan of a good strong colour.
Cardigan of a style that won’t look hideously dated in ten years time.
I think the problem is too much hair.
The length is correct.
Longer length hair is not for me, as shown by my current passport photo.
A haircut.
Try again.
Passport photos?  Yep, that’s me or who on earth is that?

2 thoughts on “Mirror, Mirror

  1. Nice pictures! Honestly! I like your tip about the cardigan which won't date. that's a good idea.

    Here we're having a discussion about passport pictures and beards. they don't really mix..


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