Right Now …

I'm looking at dates for our summer holiday.I'm booking accommodation for two family weddings later this year.I'm anticipating a new arrival (or two).I'm thinking about the pros and cons of a new bathroom.I'm wearing thermal socks and my new UGG slippers.I'm giving to myself.I'm trying to give to others.I'm giving up.I'm reading Unbroken and finding … Continue reading Right Now …

Wounded: The Legacy of War

I met my he's-more-like-my-brother friend in town earlier today.We went to Somerset House to see the photography exhibition Wounded: The Legacy of War.The exhibition's photographer is Bryan Adams.And in a six-degrees-of-separation kind of way, one of the wounded he photographedis the husband of my cousin's best friend. There's no denying the images are hard-hitting and upsetting to … Continue reading Wounded: The Legacy of War

Photographer in Training

The Boy Child was lucky enough to receive an Instant camera for Christmas.A Polaroid for the digital generation.He's the opposite of me, seeming only to want to take photos of people.  When I was younger?  I never wanted people in my photos.~ his first ever photo ~Impressive.~ love that he photographed the pooch ~ He didn't take … Continue reading Photographer in Training

On His Bookshelves | Photo Heavy

Every year, around this time, I go through the books in The Boy Child's playroom office and end up with three piles: Keep, recycle (donate to charity or giveaway to friends with younger children) and bin. Some books were in need of repair.  This one had originally been in The Brainy One's childhood bedroom.  Some books are very … Continue reading On His Bookshelves | Photo Heavy

Making a Start | Photos, Paper and Glue

I'm always happy to begin a new holiday album!I suspect that this new album will have plenty of additional pages added, as the years roll by.More of a compendium rather than one specific holiday.The common denominator?  The destination.  Opening page. Echo Park's A Perfect Summer range ... ... left over from 2013's Florida abum. A few random Project Life … Continue reading Making a Start | Photos, Paper and Glue

December Daily | 2014: The American Days

The makings for December Daily made it into my carry-on bag in mid-December.I had hopes it would be kept up to date and done and dusted by Christmas Day.That it didn't quite happen like that is by-the-by. All the missing photos have now been printed. The words are written, except for Christmas Day.Which can be found in … Continue reading December Daily | 2014: The American Days