The History Project

It’s a new year.
It’s time for an online class.
Something to get the creative juices flowing.
But not one that necessarily ends with an album of themed layouts.

Enter The History Project from Kerri Bradford.
A class just for me and just about me.
Scrapbooking and family history.
I know.

One spiral bound hardback notebook, a pen and I’m set.
  With a little embellishment, naturally. 
Class doesn’t begin until 9th February,
 but I have already begun to carry a notebook around with me
 so that I can write the memories down as I’m remembering them.
And not forget them again by the time I’ve got home.

 All too often I’ve said or heard others say,
 “I wish I knew more about their lives.  I wish I knew the story behind these photos.”
This class is going to hopefully redress that imbalance.
Every single detail of my first 20 years won’t be in this notebook, 
but there will be snippets, some detailed, of my life then.
Written in my own hand.
Ready for future generations…
(Hard to type that last line without laughing.)
You can find out more about The History Project 2015 here

4 thoughts on “The History Project

  1. What a good idea. I've scrapped all my childhood photos but did not include many stories. I did better documenting stories in the album of photos from my husband and I's life before we had kids.


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