Right Now …

I’m looking at dates for our summer holiday.
I’m booking accommodation for two family weddings later this year.
I’m anticipating a new arrival (or two).
I’m thinking about the pros and cons of a new bathroom.
I’m wearing thermal socks and my new UGG slippers.
I’m trying to give to others.
I’m giving up.
I’m reading Unbroken and finding it a riveting read.
I’m introducing The Boy Child to the sounds of Michael Jackson.
I’m filling up our weekends with good stuff (to counterbalance all that homework). 
I’m counting the days until we receive news about the outcome of this year’s Annual Review.
I’m looking forward to visitors at half-term.
I’m trying to fit more scrapbooking into my days.
I’m watching (or about to) Wolf Hall, Broadchurch and The Good Wife.
What are you thinking about, feeling, hoping for, struggling with,
watching, listening to, celebrating right now?

3 thoughts on “Right Now …

  1. There's lots to look forward to in there. I watched Wolf Hall last night and enjoyed it very much, though much as I like Damian Lewis I'm not convinced yet that he's Henry


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