Christmas Club

The lovely Sian at From High in the Sky blog invited bloggers to post stories from their Christmases Past.  She is running this theme each Sunday in December.
I didn’t join in last week because I couldn’t think of a single story of Christmas Past.
I know.
Pathetic, right?
This week, however, given that I’ve been to see Santa with The Boy Child, I knew I had a good memory.

In the early 1970s, we were fortunate to live in Hong Kong.  We were a military family and my brother, sister and I were the classic military brats. 
But we weren’t Army.
Oh, no.
We were Royal Air Force.
And that meant instead of us going to Santa’s Grotto to see Santa, he flew in by helicopter to see us.
Very cool.
And a ya-boo-sucks to the Army brats.

11 thoughts on “Christmas Club

  1. Haha! Good story! i very nearly chose a black and white picture of me visiting Santa for this week. Why is it that Santa pictures seem so magical in black and white? I love this one


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