Bear Hunt | Of the Wet Variety

It was a day for staying at home.
It was, as they like to say, raining cats and dogs.
But I had cabin fever.
And as we know, The Boy Child is better when he is occupied.
 What to do?
The Boy Child wanted to see the Paddington Bear located at Stamford Bridge, home of Chelsea FC (and is actually in Fulham and not Chelsea).  A quick look at the map for other bears located in the vicinity of Chelsea FC and we were set.
First up was Flutterby by Emma Watson, at the side of Harrods in Knightsbridge.
Then on to the King’s Road in the heart of Chelsea for Paws by Sally Hawkins.
The final stop was at Stamford Bridge for The Special One.
 We liked that Paddington has his name and team number on the back of his shirt.
And that was us done for the day.  The Boy Child was a star the whole time we were out and didn’t complain about the weather or being cold and wet.
You can read more about the Paddington Trail here.

2 thoughts on “Bear Hunt | Of the Wet Variety

  1. A true Brit!!!!!! Pleased you enjoyed your adventure and glad you found time for a coffee break. Love the photo taken from the bus – it does indeed look like a painting x


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