Bear Hunt

The movie about Paddington Bear opens in the UK next Friday and as an advertising gimmick,  50 Paddington Bear mini statues have been placed around London until the end of December.
We went in search of a few today.
Eight to be exact, in and around Paddington and Little Venice.
1. My favourite.  Paddington Bear as he should be.

2. The Mayor of Paddington.

3. Texting Paddington.

4. Love, Paddington X.

5. Brick Bear.

6. Bearing Up.

7. Futuristic Robot Bear.

8. Paddingtonscape.

Only 42 more to find.

3 thoughts on “Bear Hunt

  1. Now that looks like good fun!

    I'm a big Paddington fan. A Paddington paperback was the first book I bought with my own saved up pocket money. never forgot it


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