Sharing a Cuppa

Hi, hi, c’mon in.
Don’t take your coat off, we’re not stopping.
Can you grab that bunch of flowers for me?  Thanks.

There’s a bus due in around 10 minutes.  We’re off to meet our good friend Mel.
She and I always meet in the same place; we’re creatures of habit, although it’s been a while since we had the opportunity to sit down over a coffee.

We’re going to spend an hour or two talking about our families, blogging (and her lack of it), uses of social media and if we remember, scrapbooking.

Look, there she is.

This post was brought to you in association with Abi’s invitation to stop for tea.

8 thoughts on “Sharing a Cuppa

  1. The fact that you stopped for tea this month made me smile and seeing two lovely bloggers together was even better! Looks like you had a fab time.


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