Christmas Comes Early?

The children in The Boy Child’s class are participating in Operation Christmas Child this year.  My mum has filled a shoebox for years, always for a boy and always age appropriate to the age of her grandsons.  My sister used to buy stuff for a homeless teenage boy when she lived in Scotland.

As well as filling our shoebox with suitable new toys, hat and gloves and a few wrapped sweets, The Boy Child is donating a set of Lego from his vast collection.  We’re also adding a tag with The Boy Child’s photo on and a few facts about him.
When I mentioned that he might like to include something that he hadn’t played with for a while, he said, “Momma, there are children in the world who don’t have anything at all.”
These shoeboxes become gifts of unconditional love and what can be more precious than that?

6 thoughts on “Christmas Comes Early?

  1. What a good lad xx. I'll miss the Giving Tree this years. It'll be the first time in 10 years that I haven't done it. Wonder what they do here? I'll need to investigate xx ❤️


  2. I used to love doing the shoebox appeal. I'm hoping the Guides take part this year and I'll be back to filling shoeboxes and challenging myself to make a neat job of the wrapping!

    You've taught him well 🙂


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