Five on Friday

1) Drinking tea and reading the paper.  You might think that I seem to spend a lot of time drinking tea and reading the paper.

You’d be right.  Autism levels run high on school day mornings and by the time I’ve dropped off The Boy Child I am often overwrought and emotional.  Twenty minutes in the coffee shop not speaking to anyone, apart from ordering my tea, helps.  A lot.
2) Enjoying the Autumnal weather.

3) Watching The Brainy One enjoy his gift subscription.

 4) Buying cute hoodies for The Boy Child.  It has bat ears on the hood.  Yes, really.

5) Loaning a friend’s husband a pair of cufflinks for a black tie event.  The Brainy One always wears a double cuff shirt when in his suit (his work clothes), so he has quite a collection of cufflinks to choose from.
Hoe does your Friday look?

4 thoughts on “Five on Friday

  1. I want that sweater. I really want that sweater. Do you think I could squeeze into one? Failing that, could I buy one for Little E and make him wear it instead?


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