Zoom In | Zoom Out

The daylight robbery that is the annual school photo. 
 Now available in four different poses.
Zoom In | Zoom Out is Helena’s idea and you can see more here.

8 thoughts on “Zoom In | Zoom Out

  1. Great photo ♥♥♥
    Do you have the option to get a digital copy? We did that one year then printed our own copies. Worked out cheaper all round. x


  2. Ours were rather pricey this year too, though not as bad as yours seem to be!
    We did get a copy of the photo on a disc once, so we could print what we wanted at home etc.
    This time, we just went for one larger and two middle-sized prints, in cardboard mounts – one for us, one each for grandmas… We still have the nice frame from a couple of years ago – we'll re-use that for this year's picture!!


  3. They are a rip off but we do like to have them. I am still recovering from the price of the whole school photo at the end of term plus her “leavers ” picture of her year group only she hasn't left she has gone back for sixth form and yes another proof photo has arrived home this week……. Only two more years to go!


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