Sharing a Cuppa

Hi, hi, c’mon in!
Has it really been a month since our last chat?
Did you see the boys on your way out?  They’re taken the pooch to the park while I wait in for a parcel to arrive. (It’s good that the courier will deliver on a Sunday but rather annoying that they give a 12-hour window as the delivery time slot.)
Come and sit down.  I’ve got the kettle on and there’s a fresh batch of scones.  Sorry about all the laundry piled up on the floor, you know how it is.

How have you been?  It’s lovely to be back in a routine now that The Boy Child is back at school, but I confess that I’m not ready for the arrival of Autumn.  I’ve so enjoyed the good weather London has seen in the last few months and I’m happy to be still wearing sandals and cropped trousers.
It’s great that you’ve stopped by, as I made a promise to myself that I would be more proactive in my approach towards my friends; it’s too easy to find that months have gone by without speaking to them, don’t you find?
Do you mind if I show you a photo of me and The Boy Child?  It’s quite rare to have just the two of us together.  The Brainy One took it yesterday when we were visiting friends in the country.  See, putting that decision to be proactive into action proved beneficial!

Do you have any craft projects on the go?  I’ve got two online classes beginning soon, both of which I am looking forward to; one on scrapbooking and one on photography.  And, of course, before long it will time to think about December Daily …
I’m sorry that you have to go so soon, but I’m putting your next visit into my diary right now, okay?

Sharing a Cuppa is brought to you in association with Abi’s invitation to sit and have a cup of tea.   

15 thoughts on “Sharing a Cuppa

  1. I'm trying to be more proactive with reading blogs and (maybe) get back into posting again. Which photography course are you doing? I see Ali is starting one soon. I'm hoping to keep up with Katrina's Exposure class this time round. I also love the photo of you and TBC 🙂


  2. With the two of you together like that we get to see how similar those lovely warm smiles are!

    It's been a lovely September. I can't remember the last one here when we haven't had to have the heat on a some point.


  3. I'm in shorts and enjoying the warmer weather too. I think life gets busy and you don't realise the days are slipping away – glad you are being proactive about visiting and seeing friends 🙂


  4. Such a lovely photo of the two of you! he is growing fast … Envying you those summery temperatures. One night last week the BBC weather app told me it was 8C here and 17C there!


  5. That's a stunning snapshot of the two of you. And yes, the months can get away from us all too quickly. I'm looking forward to a new scrap class too, perchance we are in the same one – Supplies on Hand?


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