Him | The Abridged Version

Back in 2010 I completed Cathy Zielske‘s online class, Me: The Abridged Version and loved it.
It’s still one of my favourite albums.
I looked at it again this week and realised that I had made a huge error.
Lots of entries were cross-referenced to the Royal Air Force, but when I looked at the entries for ‘R’ none of them were about my time in the RAF…
In October 2011 I planned on completing an A-Z of The Boy Child.  I made the tag book so that I could note things down that I wanted to include. 

By November 2011 I had completed the foundation pages and put it on the shelf, ready for beginning in early 2012.
Except that I didn’t because I forgot about it during all of 2012 and 2013.
In January of this year, I thought to myself, “I must do The Boy Child’s album.”  And then Cathy hinted about a new class that revisited an old favourite.
So I waited some more.
And my patience was rewarded.

Class starts in early October.
What’s not to like?
And a class in a Project Life format.
Just think of all the things I can write about: Autism, school days, friendships, holidays, reading, learning, the things he says, sleep pattern, family, living in London …
Sounds perfect.

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