In Praise of Utter Gorgeousness

It’s not often I wax lyrical about a store.
But Paperchase on Tottenham Court Road in Central London does it for me.
Three floors of utter gorgeousness.

 What is it about a display of white mugs embossed with black initials that catches the eye?

And as for their super cute Russian-doll-style snack boxes (ideal for school bags) … The Boy Child chose the set with the Underground design on.

I snagged another notebook.  In the sale.  Just because.  To add to the pile of notebooks in my office.

 You can stand for hours just looking at all the greetings cards.

 And, erm, stroke the 2015 diaries …

And postcards that make you laugh out loud.  And to tell The Boy Child not to read them out loud. And to wonder who you might send one to …

Popping into the TCR Paperchase store is food for the soul.
We did actually go in to get something specific.
Something for The Boy Child.
Something he has named Henry.
The only fly in the ointment is their policy on no photography … does that sound familiar?
Summer 500: 226.

12 thoughts on “In Praise of Utter Gorgeousness

  1. You couldn't call yourself a scrapbooker and then say you don't like paperchase! The one in Manchester has loads of really pretty homemade paper too.


  2. The say Paperchase opened here was a good day indeed! These photos are a feast for the eyes. The one thing which caught my eye was..the honeycomb tissue paper pompoms. I bet it's cheaper to buy them there. Certainly easier than making them


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