I Am Invictus

You may recall back in 2012 that we tried our hardest to obtain tickets to the London Summer Olympics.
We were unsuccessful at every turn.
And suffered numerous family members and friends turning up to park on our drive before flaunting their tickets as they headed East.
In a little over a fortnight, we are bound for the Olympic Park for the Invictus Games and in particular, the wheelchair basketball..  Everyone’s favourite Royal, Prince Harry is the driving force behind the Games and is promoting them at every opportunity.
However, should when I bump into him at the Olympic Park, I’ll be taking issue with branded clothing available.  I don’t usually buy t-shirts associated with a particular event.  I find it all a bit look-where-I-was-and-you-weren’t, but as we actively support Forces’ Charities all year round, I made a small exception.  
Round neck t-shirt in black?  On a 7-year-old, maybe.

 The Boy Child is going to look fabulous in this.

On a woman in her mid-40s?  Not so much.
Thankfully, another charity which supports wounded military men and woman has a more suitable alternative.

And now that I have mine, The Brainy One is eyeing up the men’s version.
You can learn more about the Games here.
You can see and hear numerous celebrities reciting the poem Invictus below.

I Am Invictus.

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