That Kind Of Day

 It was a day for staying close to home.
It was a day for wearing my boyfriend jeans after weeks of running around London in shorts.  I like that this image gives a true indication of the state of my kitchen: two plastic bags full of recycling and a full ironing basket on the floor.  Plus the pooch.  
And that you can see my suntanned feet. 
 It was a day for cooking up a family favourite.
 It was a day for reading quietly.
 It was a day for writing in the much loathed Holiday Diary.
It was a day for writing in Project Life and thinking about how I can help my cousin get started on her own album. 
It was a day for printing off a stack of photos to send to family members who have put in requests for copies.
It was a day for running out of spare printer cartridges.
It was a day that was needed.
Summer 500: 251.  With a little over a week to go before school restarts, it’s perfectly obvious that I am not going to reach my target of 500 photos of summer onto the blog.
But I’ve had fun trying. 

4 thoughts on “That Kind Of Day

  1. Your boy might loathe that holiday diary right now, but someday he will thank you for making him do it! :o)

    Love the photo of your feet and the perspective of your kitchen. Sounds like a great day!


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