Zoom In | Zoom Out at Kew Gardens

I have no idea why someone would wrap a tree trunk in crochet, but the end result looks pretty cool.
Zoom In | Zoom Out is Helena’s idea and you can see more here.

Kew Gardens in the summertime is the most perfect place for children.
Acres of green space to run around.
No traffic to worry about.
What I didn’t factor in was how much the three biggies would moan.
“Are we there?”  Where, exactly?  You’re already in the middle of 300 acres.
“Is it snack time?”
“Is it lunch time?”
“I’m tired!”
“Can we have ice cream?”
But in a way, it was comforting to have it confirmed that constant whining on an outing is not restricted to children with Autism.
Typical children do it too.
And deep down, I knew that.  

Summer 500: 384.

7 thoughts on “Zoom In | Zoom Out at Kew Gardens

  1. the tree has been “Yarn-Bombed”…people have actually yarn bombed bridges, statues..basically anything that stands still. One famous example was the yarn bombing of the bull on Wall Street!!

    cute face painting…


  2. They don't always grow out of it, either. The whining, I mean. And I'm blaming the boys..girls, in my experience, tend to grit their teeth and get on with it even if they aren't having fun. Like life, really


  3. Goodness me whining certainly isn't the preserve of children with autism…the road I live in, the supermarket and even at the dentist yesterday… Whining seems to have become part of life! Anyway, the yarn bombing is wonderful.


  4. I have to agree whining is certainly not the preserve of children – I can remember a couple of years ago we were on holiday and Gracia and Josh didn't want to go on the 3 hour walk we had planned because it was tipping it down with rain – they both managed to moan and whine for the whole three hours!


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