Pen to Paper

In the run up to the end of term, what with volunteering at various school events and all, things have been a little busier than of late.  Which means hardly any time to play with photos, paper and words.
One solitary layout has been completed.

One journal from the New York trip sits waiting to be finished.

Six postcards are waiting to be written and sent around the world.

One new journal has been purchased in readiness for our summer holidays.

School finishes on Friday.
That gives me four days to get organised with photos, paper and words.
Wish me luck.

7 thoughts on “Pen to Paper

  1. Yep, wishing you luck! The travel journal fills me with excitement already. And how appropriate to do a page about a bike in the week of the Tour de France/Angleterre.


  2. I am wishing you luck! Kind of doing the same here..I got some postcards written and posted and I'm debating a notebook for the trip


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