Be More | June

Goodbye, June, you were joyful!
We continued in our endeavour to be more.
And at this half yearly point, I would say that this phrase has been perfect for us in so many ways.
~ Dinner with friends in a 2* Michelin restaurant.

~ Going as a parent helper on the class trip.
~ Getting him onto two wheels.
~ Hernias and history.
~ FIFA World Cup.
~ Time with my sister and nephew, albeit briefly.  Bittersweet.

~ Sports Day.
~ BBQ.

And oh, so much more.

June has whizzed by.
Hello, July and all that you can offer.

Do you have a word for 2014 that you want to keep at the forefront of your mind during your daily life?


3 thoughts on “Be More | June

  1. Catching up as usual Ruth… have indeed made the most of this last month..I can imagine your mixed feelings about Liz moving so far away, but as you say it's the kind of life your family's used to
    Alison xx


  2. What a collection of events Ruth. It looks like June has been good to you. I love that photo of you and the brainy one. Gorgeous.


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