Sharing a Cuppa

Hi, hi, c’mon on in.
You must have heard me put the kettle on.
How are you?  Well, I trust?
A little sad today, if I’m being honest.
No, no, there’s no real cause for sadness.  I’m just being silly.
Y’see, my sister and nephew emigrated today.  They’ve gone to join my brother-in-law in a new life a few thousand miles away from UK.

It’s all good.  Really, it is.
I haven’t lived with my sister since we were teenagers thirty years ago.  But somehow this move feels different.
On the other hand, however, think of the holidays we will have in the future!
Speaking of holidays, do you have plans for the summer?  Ours aren’t finalised yet, but we are hoping to go on a European roadtrip.  How well you know me.  Of course I’m planning a scrapbook-on-the-road journal.
What was that?  Oh, Sports Day.  Yes, The Boy Child did very well and had a wonderful afternoon.
Do you want to see a photo of him almost jumping for joy?  It’s not the best photo ever, but I thought I captured the spirit of him.

We’re hosting a BBQ this weekend; a summer version of Afternoon Tea.  I have my fingers crossed that the weather will hold.  Are you a fan of BBQs?  Don’t tell, but I actually think they can be over-rated …
The Boy Child has just two weeks to the end of term and of Year 2.  Next week is the Summer Fayre and the last week sees the school’s production of The Scottish Play and Speech Day.  Time is flying.
And speaking of flying, I need to get my skates on.
I have to buy plastic cutlery, specifically forks and there are Tombola prizes to drop off at school for the Summer Fayre.
Thanks so much for dropping by.  I’ll call in at yours later today or over the weekend.
Maybe we can meet up again next month?

Today’s post is sponsored by the lovely Abi of Creating Paper Dreams.

14 thoughts on “Sharing a Cuppa

  1. I was bad enough when my son moved to Edinburgh for two years, so the thought of a family emigrating must be awful! It's just the thought of them being far away but, as you said, think of the holidays!
    I'm not a fan of BBQs either, in fact we got rid of ours! I worry so much about food not being cooked through, that I ended up pre-cooking things in the oven which defeated the object. There is something about BBQ food though, and I am sure that yours will be a success.
    Well done to TBC at sports day, looks like he had a great time!


  2. We love a BBQ here and my husband is a dab hand at them now, so it gives me a break from cooking. Lovely sports day shot. I was looking at some the other day from when my boy was in Year 1. His older cousin is in one of the shots and it made me wonder at the passing of time. She is 22 now and travelling around Australia for a year. It was nice to catch up.


  3. Wow your sister and you look so much alike. I can also see TBC in your nephew! I'm sending virtual hugs for you. It must be tough to know that they aren't in the same country yet as you say, holidays will be lovely. I want to hear more about this road trip! My boyfriends family are keen walkers and bikers and have done several road trips through France, Switzerland and Italy.
    Thanks for joining in again this month Ruth. Enjoy that BBQ.


  4. I agree – even with all the travelling and different places that you have lived in – this one does seem a little different.
    I'm smiling because I think it must be in the genes!!!!!


  5. I've just got my sister back living in the UK as you see yours off to the US. Thank goodness we can jump on a plane these days and visit. Big hugs to you though because I know what those goodbyes are like! Hope the weather holds for your BBQ and I'm sure you'll have fun xx


  6. You're bound to be sad, bound to be. I can't help wishing Uncle Dave lived round the corner and not on the other side of the world. But in some ways we probably make more of an effort to keep well connected this way and we talk in some way almost every day. Very best of luck to them!


  7. Oh, I would be very sad indeed! I am lucky we all live within 3 hours of each other. We love cookouts (as we call them here) in fact we just got home from a lovely one 🙂 Hope the weather was as perfect for ya'll as it was for us!


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