Five on Friday

1) We’ve been busy sending Red Cross parcels to The Boy Child’s American friends.  (Red Cross parcels are the parcel equivalent of Happy Mail).

It isn’t something we’ll be doing too often, as the postage was high.
2) I’ve been working on completing my New York journal.

3) The Boy Child has been writing in his holiday diary every day (even while we were away).

4) I’ve been filling the house with flowers.

5) I’ve been tackling the ironing mountain.

How does your Friday look?

3 thoughts on “Five on Friday

  1. Friday has been filled with work in the morning, followed by a haircut, baking a cake and then cleaning the upstairs of the house. Hope you have a good weekend x


  2. His writing is looking really good – and I am impressed that he writes a holiday journal … mine need a lot of 'encouragement' to do that!


  3. That'll be a diary to keep for ever 🙂

    Friday was the last day of the holidays here – though all the GCSE revision has meant it hasn't been much of a break this year


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