In Praise of London Underground

The Boy Child and I travelled into Central London this morning to visit the London Transport Museum at Covent Garden.  The Boy Child was fidgety and having difficulty in sitting still.  The result was that he scratched his leg so much, he made it bleed.
And I couldn’t get it to stop.
We got off the train at Leicester Square, as I knew there was a chemist reasonably nearby.  However, a young man employed by TfL heard me explaining to The Boy Child what was going to happen and he intervened.
“I can help you.”
We found ourselves escorted to the station’s Control Room where The Boy Child was fussed over and teased gently and his leg was cleaned and a plaster produced.
The Duty Controller then proceeded to give The Boy Child a mini-tour of the operations room.

Customer service and care above and beyond what may have been expected.
Thank you, Nish and Ric at Leicester Square station, from an extremely grateful mum.
The London Transport Museum subsequently seemed a little dull by comparison.

11 thoughts on “In Praise of London Underground

  1. There is a big boy here, home and peering over my shoulder in envy. Not at the poor sore leg, obviously, but at the lucky turn around of events 🙂 Great story!


  2. My Dad always says that most people are good, and really, I think he is right. This is such a lovely post Ruth and an affirmation that humankind can indeed be kind.

    I have been remiss in congratulating you on your new found 'published author' status. I am thrilled that your project has been published, well done!


  3. What a lovely post! I am so happy to read about wonderful – over and above the call of duty – customer service! What lovely people you encountered, who took time out from their day to make an unhappy boy entralled.


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