Win My Book

Sounds grand that, doesn’t it?  My book.

If you’d like a chance to see what’s inside the cover, simply leave a comment.
You could make it fun by telling me what you would write about if you were to write a book.
Or maybe you have written a book, so tell me about that.
Winners will be selected randomly on Sunday evening, 23 March, GMT.

12 thoughts on “Win My Book

  1. I would love a chance to win it, Ruth!

    If I were to write a book, I would write one using the correspondence of two of my ancestors surrounding the period of the American Civil War. It really is fascinating and is spread about in various archives. They were in the Deep South, and it not only chronicles their family life, but is a look at what a woman of the period went through in running a large cotton operation as her husband's business took him elsewhere. Believe me, there is plenty of drama and hints of other drama contained in the letters to make a book interesting. I adore history!




  2. I would love to have my name in the hat to win your book, please, Ruth. Well done.

    I have been writing books on and off for the last 58 years, the only problem is that I can never get past the first chapter or three, I just give up, run out of steam, whatever. Last August I started to chronicle a year in my garden, and gave up in November. Not sure what my next attempt will be about 🙂


  3. I'd love your book Ruth. The only “books” I've written have been of the scrapbooking variety.
    I am however working on a journal style book for my son and daughter – which gives them insights into my husband's and my past, how we met, their own early years, and my thoughts on them as people. My daughter already pours over it on a regular basis, even though it is a fair ways from done.
    Nancy Peacock
    Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


  4. would love to have s peek inside that book so owning my very own copy would be lovely!

    I am not sure if i could write a book but would happily write a chapter in someone else's if it was a topic close to my heart….. maybe about my specialty of nursing?


  5. One day I will write a novel telling the life of my husband's grandmother whose fascinating story I have wasted hours researching for my family tree. I have it all planned out-it would be a duel narrative with her first person story set in the early 20th century and my modern voice doing the research. All I have to do is actually write the thing!


  6. Your book looks fascinating to me because it might have one of my ancestors burial ground in it – you never know until you look.

    My book will be about my great Grandmother, her childhood in Southwark and then her move to Liverpool where she began her career on the stage. I am going to write it as a novel with the romance of her meeting with my great Grandfather and the trauma of the death of one of her daughters in childbirth. I have written the first chapter.


  7. Your book looks so professional.
    If I were to write a book I think I would tell the story of wartime through the kit bag of letters that I have that my parents sent to one another during WW2


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