Homework and the Realisation

Having said yesterday that the only thing predictable about autism was the unpredictability, I’ve given a lot of thought since to what might be the cause of The Boy Child’s regular weekend meltdown.
And I had a lightbulb moment.
A real slap of the palm on the forehead moment.
A doh-how-did-you-not-connect-the-two moment.

The answer was there all along.
Specifically, spelling sentences.
The Boy Child loathes them.
And by extension, so do I.
Now I know the trigger, I’m better placed to find a solution.
One being, as my SiL suggested today, ask that he can do them in school time when he has one-to-one support.  It’s an avenue worth investigating.
And on the plus side, The Boy Child’s handwriting really is coming along nicely.

7 thoughts on “Homework and the Realisation

  1. I'd definitely talk to the Aide and the teacher,when I set up homework we do ALL of the tasks, like a dry run through. At least they are done once and then the children know what to do at home and it isn't coming blind to create stress for parents and child.
    His writing is fabulous, by the way!


  2. Definitely ask – several of our asd pupils really struggle with homework because they don't like school encroaching on home. We have a lunchtime homework club at school where they can get support to complete tasks or they can do them on a one to one basis with a member of staff. For us it's not writing that we struggle with – it's maths! “Why do I need to keep doing the same type of question over and over again when I already know how to do it?”


  3. I think spelling sentences is the worst homework ever invented. Always have done. I hated it. My two hated it. It would be lovely if they could come up with something new instead!


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