The Wheels Go Round

Milestones for The Boy Child come later than for typical children.
He is currently unable to ride a bike without stabilisers.

But he’s working on it.
One rotation at a time.

12 thoughts on “The Wheels Go Round

  1. DN couldn't ride without stabilisers until he was TBCs age. Stabilisers are brilliant and before long he'll want you to take them off. Hope he gets on OK xx


  2. Doesn't it make your back ache while you are running along beside them with your handle on the saddle! Ah, the memories! He'll get there in the end!


  3. I was eight before I could ride without stabilisers! and even then it was a rush job because I wanted to do cycling proficiency with everyone else in the class.

    Keep it wheel at a time 🙂


  4. I agree with Deb about the backache – we don't have any footpaths where we live and our road is a gravel track filled with potholes so Gracia had to learn to ride her bike on the cricket pitch as it was the only smooth flat surface available. Consequently she was about 8 before she could. BTW she was 13 months before she got her first tooth and also 13 months before she even crawled so then as she does now she works at a pace that suits her!


  5. Being willing to try and keep trying is important. He'll get there at the right time for him. Ewok also works at his own pace – Great Ormond Street were great help in assuring me that chronological and emotional/milestone ages were different but he'd still progress.


  6. No such thing as a “typical ” child. each of us progress at a different rate. milestones are there for guidance not for achieving. He is making progress, every day and in every way. I didn't learn to ride on two wheels until I was 11 and still have difficulty doing hands and feet at the same time – I have to practise lots.


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