Zoom In | Zoom Out

I took The Boy Child and Granny to Kew Gardens todays for the annual Orchid Festival.
It has to be said that The Boy Child is not really a fan of Kew; he moans at every opportunity.
I live in hope.



 Zoom In | Zoom Out is the brainchild of Helena.

16 thoughts on “Zoom In | Zoom Out

  1. My two weren't that keen on being dragged their either. They've both improved with less moaning but still aren't thrilled…. I'm hoping to go to the festival, just depends on timing and weather.


  2. I love orchids…I have a pot in the garden which I inherited on moving here…they are just about to flower!..and those mushrooms are indeed cool!
    Alison xx


  3. Haha – this reminds me of a time, long ago, when my mom and brothers came to visit and we dragged the boys through the Desert Botanical Gardens. Mom and I loved it, but the boys complained the entire time! Ah…memories… ;o)

    Beautiful photos, and I LOVE those mushrooms!!!


  4. Aren't these just stunning? I love that close up of the mushroom … (Ours used to complain about going for walks in the countryside. First thing they want to do now when they come home? Yep, get their walking boots on. There is hope!)


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