Five on Friday

Five things about my Friday.
1) It’s still very wet and partially flooded in the local parks, but I’m thankful that we live on a hill and a good distance away from the Thames.

2) I’m loving my new oven.  I can’t believe how quickly it gets to temperature, compared to the old one.  A perfect excuse for more baking.

3) I’m wearing a hat that The Brainy One bought me last year.  I’m doing my bit to brighten up these grey days and receiving loads of compliments to boot.

4) I’m working really hard at getting more fresh vegetables on to our plates at supper time.

5) I’m trying to take it easy and put my feet up, as I’ve been instructed to do re my iron levels.

How’s your Friday been?

13 thoughts on “Five on Friday

  1. Eventful sums up my Friday! The town I live in seems to have become an island overnight with all the surrounding villages flooded! At school today we had 11 teachers who couldn't get in which is a pretty high percentage!
    Make sure you rest and eat your greens like the doctor ordered.


  2. What a glorious hat! I think hats are so elegant – and people clearly feel the same about yours :). Hope you enjoy the new oven … My day? A fifty mile round trip to get a Dad to a hospital for an eye specialist appointment – but we did call in for a short walk at a National Trust place :). Hope you have a lovely weekend …


  3. My Friday? I spent biggest part of it fighting the computer to get the PDF version of several familh history society journals down to a size that the website would accept and still have the journals readable. Then I had a committee meeting in the evening, where I had to report on the website – did I tell you I got myself elected “webmaster” for the society even though I know diddly squat about it. So a techie day followed by a slow meeting, then a peaceful hour with Mr M before bed


  4. You have reminded me of the time when I hadn't been married very long and I asked my aunt what she thought might be wrong with my oven if my chicken came out half cooked. She thought it was very funny that I hadn't thought to check what temperature I was cooking it at!

    That's a hat to brighten anybody's day


  5. I envy the clearness of the glass on your oven door lol and that apron in the reflection is too cute! My Friday was bittersweet with attending the funeral of a 3 and a half month old baby girl and spending time with friends.


  6. Oooh I wear a hat that colour! it always makes me smile. Love the dog in the water and your very clean oven! I have clean oven envy now. My Friday? walking in the sunshine with my son & dog.


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