Sharing a Cuppa

Hi, hi, come on in.
The kettle’s on, and I have freshly baked cookies.  I do hope you’re not allergic to peanuts?  No?  Good.

How have you been?  It’s about six weeks since our last together, isn’t it?
How has January been for you and yours?  I think its gone by fairly quickly, don’t you? January is usually a month I dislike because of the miserable weather and the sense of anti-climax after Christmas and the New Year.  We’ve had plenty of miserable weather, but somehow I’ve managed to fill the month with lots of good things.  It’s all part of my plan for us to be more in 2014.
We have The Boy Child’s first review of his Statement of Educational Needs this Friday morning, and I am already nervous about it.  We are hoping to have his help increased to full-time hours and in order to make a good case, we have had to highlight all the things that are not going so well for him in school right now.
It makes very depressing reading.
On a more cheerful note, I’ve had a new burst of inspiration for my blog and have posted every single day so far this month.  Do you find that blog inspiration comes in fits and starts?  I know that a few of my readers are experiencing the same thing and, indeed, my friend Sian has actually created a theme of blog posts under the banner of Blog Cos You Want To.
My scrapping projects are also blossoming under a wave of new optimism.  Daring to change it up in regard to Project Life has been liberating!  Funny how you can become wary of changing things when it comes to photos, paper and glue, isn’t it?  I’m training myself to think, if I don’t particularly like the end result, “okay, I won’t do it that way again.  The world is not going to end.”
Do you have time to tell me about the crafty projects you are working on?
Hang on, I’ll refresh the teapot and how about another cookie?  

This post has been brought to you in association with Abi’s invitation to share a cup of tea.

17 thoughts on “Sharing a Cuppa

  1. Thank you for that lovely cup of tea Ruth. I am thinking and praying for that statement. I can imagine it must be tough reading but I'm hoping the boy child will get the help he needs in response to it.

    I know exactly what you mean about changing it up craft wise. I have a new template this year and suddenly am much more inspired!

    Thank you so much for having tea and a chat with me!


  2. thinking of you and hoping Friday goes well Ruth. Looking forward to hearing more about your thoughts on PL, I think I will use divided pages to help tell certain stories with lots of photos or complete holiday albums.


  3. Fortunately I have no nut allergy so will gratefully accept a cookie (along with the recipe please!)
    Good luck for Friday and the list of bad things is only so long because that is what you are focusing on to get him help, I'm sure there is a 'good list' too! I know that our SEN budget is down this year so I'm guessing you may have to fight for extra help but I am very confident that you will have all the right answers to their questions.


  4. The cookies look delicious, I'm glad I don't have a nut allergy! I'm embarking on PL this year too after being inspired by other blog friends, although it will be paper and paste all the way for me. In nother crafting I'm enjoying some patchwork and a return to dressmaking after a very long break. Good luck for Friday. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you x


  5. No. no nut allergies here!

    I'll be thinking about you on Friday and hoping for a good result for you. You'll be glad when it's over I'm sure.

    It's good to hear the blogging and scrapping are riding high. I could tell you about the mess on my desk at the moment – I can't make another thing until I o some clearing up!


  6. Thanks for the tea and cookies. I feel very guilty I only offered my readers Sainsbury's chocolate cake!
    I'm not a fan of January either – and I think it's gone slowly – was Boxing Day really only a month ago?
    Good luck for Friday


  7. Just one cookie for me too please….while I was in the US I decided to commit to PL…I have just managed to put my first week together! Will be rooting for you on Friday….
    Alison xx


  8. Thanks Ruth, I managed to work backwards from your peanut cookie post from March and go over to Deb and look through her posts in March 2010 to find the one the day before yours… lard the same as shortening???


  9. Will be thinking of you this Friday – and I do hope you all get the support you need, Ruth. It seems so unfair to have to keep campaigning like this for his needs … On a brighter note, I feel very energised by your happy and bubbly creativity – not to mention those lovely looking biscuits! Thank-you so much for inviting us in.


  10. figuring out the time difference so I can sit with a cup of tea on Friday and send good thoughts to you for success with your son's upgraded Education Needs. There will be no cookies at this time – too many at Christmas. Glad you are re-energized with the blog as I really enjoy reading. I am re-visiting my heritage album as some new to me photos were discovered.


  11. Oh yes, the blogging fodder comes and goes in waves. ;o) Your cookies look SO yummy and have me craving a fresh peanut butter cookie. I haven't made that recipe in forever…need to remedy that!

    My crafting projects include finishing up some knitted dish cloths to give as gifts, and also finishing up a rag doll that was found in my mom's craft space. I won't mention that on my blog until she's given to her new owner. :o)

    I hope everything goes well for your boy child on Friday! Hugs for you and him! xo xo


  12. Lovely catch-up. Yes, January does go by all too quickly. I do hope for a good outcome for your son – I am sure the process is very difficult on many level. Yes, blogging does go in fit and starts, as does picture taking. I've been a little wishy-washy on both this month. Well, I'd better scoot along, so I can stop thinking about cookies.


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