Green Space

As regular readers will know, we are lucky to live in an area of West London that is graced with a plentiful supply of green open space.

And as much as I am a fan of ensuring that we make the most of living in London by enjoying as many cultural activities as possible, I’m also a fan of nothing more than spending a few hours in a park.
Where we play Three Billy Goats Gruff …

Where we are accompanied by our ever-faithful four-legged member of our family …

Where I ask The Boy Child to run up steps so I can practice taking action shots (still a work in progress!) …
Where we refuel with steaming cups of coffee, tea and hot chocolate …
Where we are only a 20-minute walk home when the weather clouds over …
Do you make use of the open spaces where you live?

6 thoughts on “Green Space

  1. It's good to have open space nearby. I am lucky that we live in the countryside so lots of footpaths and some country parks and walks a long rivers nearby. On of my nearest favourite open spaces though is the local cemetery. I love the lichen and view from the top of the hill, it is always peaceful and restful there.


  2. I have missed going out and about in the last 6 months or so with the family as DS just wouldn't be able to cope sadly. Hopefully now we have support and know how to handle his illness things will improve and we can get back to some family walks


  3. We have green space in our back yard and across the street in a park. I love to look at them. It is peaceful. But what I really love is the water. I am happiest when near it. Just knowing it's there makes me smile. But I love all the green space near you and that you have an opportunity to enjoy it with the boychild, your pup, and your DH.

    We grew up in the country, and we had acres and acres and acres to ride and roam. I grew up in a saddle, but I haven't ridden in years. I also grew up water skiing which I also haven't done in years, but water played big into our lives.




  4. I was musing the other day that my hours and hours at the park have stopped now I have larger children not small ones who need to run. Good idea to practice the action shots on the stairs.


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