One Little Word 2014 |Be More

This year, our One Little Word has morphed into two: be more.
Again, it was chosen by The Brainy One.
By being more, our hope is to widen the parameters of all areas of our lives.
Be more: less talking, more doing.
There are plenty of areas when being more will be for the good, without doubt:

  • at school, where we will encounter the Statement Review process for the first time.  We will need to be clear and concise in what we want and expect. We will need to be The Boy Child’s voice.
  • at weekends and during the holidays, where The Boy Child benefits greatly from a continued routine. Where he will also benefit if we are fully present and engaged with whatever we are doing.
  • at after school activities, where The Boy Child will be encouraged to try out those things he shows an interest in, and some he does not.
  • at home, where I will focus on the doing, not the talking.
~ a much better selfie than yesterday’s ~

As for my own personal well-being, being more means continuing with my goal of Moving More and Eating Well, recognising the need for and allocating the time to my personal space, looking after me (as well as my family), maintaining friendships (particularly those which are long-distance; Facebook isn’t always the answer) and I could go on …

The idea for One Little Word originally came from Ali Edwards and she is running an online workshop via her blog this year, should you be interested.
Have you chosen a word for 2014?

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