Blog Review | 2013

Two hundred and twelve posts this year.
120,560 pageviews, approximately, in the life of this blog.
143 followers, plus a handful of others who regularly comment but don’t actively follow me. 
This blog had its ups and downs, and it turned out to be my quietest blogging year to date.

Successfully completed were:

  • Project Life ~ none of which was blogged, which somehow made it easier to keep on top of things.
  • December Daily ~ love, love, love this annual project.
  • 30 Days of Thankful ~ a great way to look at life’s blessings.
  • One Little Word ~ the word for 2013 was change and I admit that I lost interest in recording things about it after the summer.  The world didn’t end.
  • Move More, Eat Well ~ none of which was blogged but there was definitely more of the moving more, the eating well less so, but two years in, I’m still heading in the right direction.   
~ self-portrait 31 December 2012 ~
Projects for 2014:
  • Project Life.  Moving in to year 4 of documenting the mundane everyday.
  • One Little Word ~ the fourth year and the word for 2013 seems to actually be two words: be more. Plans are to keep it very simple.  A homemade album, 8×6, using multi-pocket page protectors (left over from the December Daily album), one page protector per month.
  • Move More, Eat Well ~ moving into the third year with the same good intentions and the goal of building up to running one mile a day.  
  • Me: The Abridged Version ~ see foundation pages here.  This would be a project for The Boy Child, where I completed the foundation pages in November 2011.  I then put the album on the bookshelf and forgot about it.
  • A mini-album about my days in the Royal Air Force.  I may not have many photos from back then, but plenty of my old pals post theirs on Facebook.
  • A mini-album about London’s landmarks for The Boy Child.  I had grand ideas originally, but am now thinking of keeping it simple.
  • Mini-albums about our proposed holiday ideas: New York City and Paris are in the frame.
  • Finishing off outstanding projects, such as our album about the London 2012 Olympics  
  • More scrapbook pages.  Plain and simple.
  • Yet more photographs of the everyday.
~ self-portrait 31 December 2013 ~
Thanks for sticking with me this year and I hope that we’ll meet up again very soon. 
As 2013 draws to a close, I wish family, friends, readers, commenters and blurkers a very happy and healthy 2014.



12 thoughts on “Blog Review | 2013

  1. I love that expression 'blurkers'! It's been fun sharing 2013 with you on your blog Ruth, and I look forward to hearing about your 2014 experiences.
    Happy New Year to you and your family x x x


  2. Happy New Year to you and the family! I hope 2014 turns out to be a wonderfully creative year full of fun and blogging about it.

    Holiday ideas? Head this way and come for a visit again..


  3. Isn't it odd how not blogging can make it easier to keep up with things? Good going on how many things you kept up in 2013. I'm hoping to work on my London album this year, doing some touristy bits and wanderings.


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