Simply a Moment | With a Macaque

We’re only 50 metres from the hotel when we hear her.

A little girl, younger than The Boy Child, is crying her heart out.
Her mother is clutching her hand and looking as though she has no idea what to do next.
Curiosity piqued, we stop and follow the mother’s gaze.
A Macaque has the child’s pink rucksack in one hand and is helping itself to prawn cocktail crisps with the other.
The Boy Child shrieks and is plainly nervous.
The Macaque rifles through the rucksack and triumphantly starts on a ham sandwich.

Welcome to Gibraltar.

13 thoughts on “Simply a Moment | With a Macaque

  1. Golly, what a moment to record so vividly, Ruth! I hope the Boy Child is not too nervous and the little girl has recovered that precious rucksack – life is clearly very different out there! Hoping you are all enjoying it otherwise and that's a great photo … So delighted to see you in the Linky and thank-you for joining in even when you are on holiday.


  2. OMG… I feel so for the little girl, but at the same time, if it weren't so upsetting it would be kind of funny. Guess her Mum will be buying lunch today.


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