Hello Monday

Hello last week of term.
Hello to mum arriving for a pre-Christmas visit.
Hello to the Lower School nativity and whole school carol concert.

Hello to the school disco.  When I asked the Boy Child’s teacher what plans he had in place if it turned out that the disco was too much for The Boy Child to cope with, he all but rolled his eyes at me.  He really doesn’t get it.
Hello to school Christmas lunch and a visit from Santa.
Hello to visiting the nation’s Christmas tree in Trafalgar Square.
Hello to The Brainy One missing everything because of work commitments abroad.

How does your week look?

5 thoughts on “Hello Monday

  1. I pray all goes well with the disco.

    Love that shot of the Boy Child.

    I have an antiques club dinner meeting/party and ornament swap at my house because one of the other hostesses who was hosting with us became ill with flu. So we are moving it here. Now, I am up to my eyeballs in preparations because I had not decorated. The dining room is finished. My housekeeper comes later this morning, and we get to do a deep cleaning. BAH HUMBUG.

    My tree is not up so I am opting to do nominal decorating and a tabletop tree. The party is tomorrow night.




  2. Such a lovely photo of your young man :). And I had forgotten just how many Christmassy activities are generated in a school – makes me feel weak at the knees to remember. Admiring your stamina!


  3. Last weeks of term are so lovely in primary schools! I do hope the disco won't be too overwhelming for him.
    The tree went up at our school this week and on Friday we have a charity 'wear your Christmas jumper to work' day. The sixth formers are practising their end of term panto in the hall next to the secretaries office and all we hear all day is Christmas songs. The atmosphere is building!


  4. Tghe last week before The Pirate arrives home and it begins to really look and feel like Christmas around here. I love the shot TBC. Just have to say I rolled my eyes at the teacher, how challenging for you that he doesn't understand. I hope the disco goes well and TBC has a glorious last week of school.


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