Sharing a Cuppa

Hi, hi, c’mon in.  The kettle’s on.
You’ve found me a little behind myself this morning, after a late night and an early start.
We had two old friends over for supper last night and both stayed the night.  It was a fun evening with plenty of hilarious laughter and I love that we share a long and shared history.
Want to see what we did?  We’re very rock ‘n’ roll!

Would you like a bagel to go with your tea?  I like them lightly toasted, with a light spread of marmalade and you could call it early lunch …
I must clean the office carpet before long, as the pooch was poorly on it last night and it’s a bit smelly!  Sorry about that.  I’m off to school in a little over an hour for the Lower School swimming session.  I do enjoy it. The children are, mostly, very sweet.  Do you, or did you, volunteer at your child/ren’s school?
Christmas is looming isn’t it?  We are looking forward to the arrival of Elvis the Elf on Sunday and The Boy Child is receiving a Lego Advent Calendar from his Godmother (yay, more pieces to stand on).  I’m particularly looking forward to the Lower School Nativity and Whole School Carol Concert and visiting Santa in his Grotto.
Oh, that’s the bagels done … marmalade or something savoury?

This post has been brought to you in association with Abi’s invitation to share a cup of tea.

12 thoughts on “Sharing a Cuppa

  1. Oh what a combination of things happening or have happened around yours.

    Glad you had fun with the friends – always good to get to spend time with people we like.

    Ewok is also getting the Lego Advent calendar (but we're mean and lego lives in his room) whilst Princess will be using her WTP one.


  2. I love bagels! What a treat! We had/still do have a playmobil advent calendar. So much fun to make things each day of advent. Thank you for joining me this month Ruth.


  3. The countdown to Christmas when you have small children is so lovely isn't it?
    Yes I was a volunteer in primRy school and I loved the last month of term. Making costumes and helping behind the scenes in the nativity play. The sight if a little child dressed in angel costume still brings a tear to my eye!
    I bet there'll be some fun with that calendar.


  4. Oh, I do love bagels and I am so seldom allowed to have them (medically dictated diet), I would love something savory on mine. I volunteered so much they gave me a job lol Have a glorious Advent with TBC, he's at a very fun age 🙂


  5. Oh golly, it's the third already, where is that advent calendar of ours. Yikes, I need a few elves around here – wish you and your friends could come on by – you are a high energy group!!


  6. ditto on on the Lego calendar, and standing on of bits! I'm looking forward to seeing my son play trumpet in the band concert -he's only been playing for 2 months!
    Have a lovely December.


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