December Daily 2013 | Foundation Pages

This year’s December Daily album is ready to go.  I purchased the kit from Studio Calico this year and although I like it, there’s so much left over I probably won’t bother purchasing one next year.

I intend to spray the wooden piece with gold ink and I may spray the album cover as well.  I made my first ever confetti pocket, sealed with washi tape, and really like the look.  I ended up making a few of them.

I added a Christmas card that caught my eye in Paperchase last week, mounted it on to paper and filled the back of the page protector with wooden pieces left over from last year’s December Daily kit.

Some dates in December are already booked.  On the 7th, The Boy Child and I are going to see Santa, so I added a scan of his letter and left space for a large photo.

The 12th is the Lower School Nativity and whole-school Carol Concert, so I’ve left a double page spread for that.

The 16th is the day we jet off for a five night stay in Gibraltar.  Those lovely wooden airplanes were in the prize I won from Papermaze last week.  Perfect.
I also added some fun things, just because.  Such as a postcard from a set that came free with a Family History magazine last Christmas.  
The wooden 25 is also something I intend to spray with gold ink.  There’s three pages for the 25th; it is the big day, after all.

I also added two 6×4 postcards.  The reverse side has a postcard with Blessings on it. One last large photo and that will be that.

If you’d like to see more December Daily foundation pages, you can hop on over to Ali here.

16 thoughts on “December Daily 2013 | Foundation Pages

  1. So organised Ruth. I really like that card you picked up in paper chase. I saw the same one the other day and it made me smile. I am catching up at the moment. I love the boy child's letter to santa! So beautiful and his writing his lovely too.


  2. I am in awe of how organised you are, Ruth! These pages are going to be rich and full, and I like the way you have planned in advance for the events you know you are going to want to feature. The holiday break sounds exciting!


  3. You have made such a fantastic start to this project. I am going to give it a go this year instead of Journal Your Christmas which I have started and not finished for three years on the run. I am hoping that a different approach will make a difference.


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