Sharing a Cuppa

Hi, hi.  C’mon in out of the wind.  Did you just hear me put the kettle on?
You’ll have to excuse us, The Boy Child and me, as we are having a quiet day.
Well, I say quiet, but in reality…
We have walked the dog in the park for an hour and checked out the storm damage.

We’ve been and done a big supermarket shop and then back to a smaller supermarket for the things I forgot first time around.
We’ve done 5 pages of homework.
The noise you can hear is The Boy Child watching Up.  It’s his reward for a good day.
Mind you don’t trip over the mountain of ironing.

How have things been with you?  Are you managing to avoid the worst of this weather?
Tell me how you’ve been while I boil the kettle again.
Fancy a piece of Baklava with your cuppa?

This post has been brought to you in association with Abi’s invitation to share a cup of tea.

10 thoughts on “Sharing a Cuppa

  1. S'alright..I think I have built in ironing pile detectors!

    I'm hoping to offer up a cup (and a piece of apple tart) later in the week. We always have apple tart for Halloween here


  2. Baklava would be lovely! Reminds me of my trip to turkey many years ago. Wow, the storm really hit you. Up here in the North it seemed to pass us by although it was a bit blustery! Thank you for stopping for tea with me!


  3. I'm in Scotland till tomorrow and we seem to have escaped the worst of the storm…hoping to be able to invite you for a cuppa. When I get home!
    Alison xx


  4. Ooh, that baklava sounds delicious. I smiled about the supermarkets – mostly with relief on finding someone else who does this too :). The storm missed us up here, for a change – but it looks as if you have all really borne the brunt of it down there …


  5. How lovely to visit with you! Your “quiet” day sounds pretty busy to me! I had read about the big storms in the newspaper, but your pictures really make it feel real. Here in Winnipeg, it's chilly – high today was somewhere around 0C. Brr!

    Looking forward to visiting with you again next month.


  6. We are still without trains here today, trees on the lines and damaged overhead cables and no sign of when things will return to normal.
    Pleased to see I am not the only double supermarket trip shopper!
    Baklava and tea sounds a great combination!


  7. your supermarket shopping sounds like mine used to be. These days I don't have so much choice, and if I forget anything my husband has to get it on his way home from work. I like to think I save money this way, but seeing a week's shop bill all in one go is a bit frightening!!


  8. I am so glad that you all weathered the storm.

    I have been on the phone with Mr. Magpie who was out of town, working on his Mom's estate. He will be on his way home a little later. Will be happy to see him.

    Love to you all…




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