A Most Excellent Day

We went west of London today to see old friends.Unfortunately one of them had been called in to work.But he had a surprise for us.Pretty cool job, wouldn't you say?It was awesome!But not everyone thought so.The noise of four aircraft engines (Allison T56 TurboProps, if you want the technicalities) at only a few hundred feet … Continue reading A Most Excellent Day

Things I Do: Week in the Life

Every time I read that Ali is all systems go for a Week in the Life project, I think to myself, "no, not this time." And then I find myself making plans.What's on the calendar for that week?Is it the same old routine?Is there enough not-so-run-of-the-mill stuff happening to make things more interesting? Will I make … Continue reading Things I Do: Week in the Life

Back to School:Year Two

It's over.We survived eight weeks of the Summer holidays.Back to school today.New Headteacher.New teacher.New classroom; top of the school, a gazillion stairs.Old friends.New friends.Days filled with discovering new things.Days filled with honing those fine motor skills.Free reader status coming ever closer.  He could be there by half-term.French.LAMDA classes.Auditioning for choir, hopefully.It's going to be amazing.Bring … Continue reading Back to School:Year Two

Hello Monday

Hello to the end of the Summer holidays. Hello to all holiday homework having been completed.  Hooray! ~ back to school haircut ~ Hello to the new school year beginning on Wednesday. Hello to a new mattress for our bed and hoping The Brainy One will sleep better. Hello to going back to the gym. … Continue reading Hello Monday