Weekday Walks | Little Venice

Little Venice on a beautiful September day.
The ladies who walk.
From left: S is from Australia, O is newly arrived from Norway and doesn’t have horns in real life (not sure of her home country), Y is from Holland, as is P.
Such is life in cosmopolitan London. 
 The Grand Union canal; the busiest canal in the UK
 Floating cafe and permanent floating homes on the Regent’s Canal.
The home of Little Venice’s newest resident: Robbie Williams.  He paid £27 million sterling.

I really enjoyed the guided tour today.  The guide was both knowledgeable and witty. Two hours passed very quickly and we still had time for a pub lunch (which I forgot to photograph).
Next up, the Inns of Court.

7 thoughts on “Weekday Walks | Little Venice

  1. At first I thought the 27M sterling was for the houseboat and gawped at the picture. Then I realised it was just a birthday bimbo moment and it was the next picture that was really that much


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