Week in the Life: Wednesday in Review

~ good morning ~
 ~ school run ~
 ~ driving to the supermarket ~
 ~ the weekly shop ~
 ~ well deserved early afternoon cuppa ~ 
 ~ in need of cash ~
 ~ caught short on the way home ~
 ~ post supper ironing ~
 ~ bath time ~
~ story time ~
 ~ cuppa and 9pm TV ~
 ~ final check ~
 ~ good night ~

So.  A small give-away each day of Week in the Life, I think.

A random selection of randomly selected Project Life journalling cards in both 6×4 and 3×4 formats. Perfectly suitable/adaptable for non-Project Life creating, too.  
If you would like to enter the draw for these, please leave a comment and send me an email with Wednesday Give-Away in the subject line to:  roo1968ATyahooDOTcoDOTuk.
Give-away open all week.
Give-away may differ slightly from items shown.

7 thoughts on “Week in the Life: Wednesday in Review

  1. My comment must have got chomped into the blogosphere last night … I wanted to let you know that I nearly inhaled my glass of wine at the 'caught short' photo …. hilarious! I say that because it has happened here too … never got a photo though!


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