York: Part Two

Day 2 in York meant the National Railway Museum and we were there for opening. Which given our early morning alarm call was a feat in itself.
We headed straight to the Main Hall to see Mallard.  She was the reason we were there. We wanted to see her side-by-side with Dominion of Canada and Dwight D Eisenhower.
Mallard wasn’t there.
I had to laugh, because they say things come in threes: late train, fire alarm and now no Mallard on display. After some confusion as to where she might be, we found her in the Museum’s Works, looking very sad and dare I say it, small.  

She had an equally sad looking Flying Scotsman for company.  She is painted black because she is in her war time livery.

 I quite fancy the idea of railway themed art on a large wall.

 Still lots to see and experience.

 And the train journey home saw us just 8 minutes late in to King’s Cross.

Mallard is due to be on display again at the end of October, side-by-side with the other four sister engines of the A4 Pacific class.  Just so happens The Boy Child will be on half-term then.

6 thoughts on “York: Part Two

  1. Looks like you both rallied well after the initial disappointment!

    I keep looking at the underground signs for sale in the Pedlars catalogue. Very pricey, but probably something TTO would love for Christmas one of these years


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