Hello Monday

Hello Bank Holiday.
Hello last full week of the summer holidays.
Hello friends coming around for Pimm’s in the garden.
Hello back-to-school shopping for stationery items.
Hello to BT sorting out our land line on Tuesday.  It’s been down since Friday.  Still have Internet, thankfully.

Hello to the new bed for the spare room arriving on Wednesday.
Hello to a haircut.  I never did get to the appointment I had a few weeks ago.
Hello to a friend coming for supper and staying over on Wednesday.  Nothing like putting the new bed to use.
Hello to taking The Boy Child to York on Thursday.  We’re staying overnight and meeting mum there.  It will be trains the whole time.  It’s going to be great.

How does your week look?

6 thoughts on “Hello Monday

  1. What a cheeky grin!
    My last week of holidays this week. I'm planning on starting another quilt, meeting up with friends for coffee, dog walking and generally enjoying not having a set timetable to stick to!


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