Hello Monday

Hello to taking The Boy Child to Granny’s.  By train.
Hello to a fair few miles under my belt this week.  Dropping him off, coming home, going back to collect him and coming home again.
Hello overdue haircut.

~ helicopter ride over Disney’s Animal Kingdom ~

Hello pedicure.  A wee bit of pampering me-time.
Hello to lunch with my SiL & BiL at a lovely restaurant out in the country.  It’s easily accessible from our bit of West London by train, so here’s to no driving and a few glasses of wine at lunch-time.
Hello to saying a final goodbye to our American friends, as they leave at the weekend.
Hello to feeling very strange this week.

How does your week look?

6 thoughts on “Hello Monday

  1. I always loved when my boys were having the joy of being with the Grands and I could have “me” time and not feel guilty, I know you both will have a lovely week 🙂


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