A Boastful Moment

I’m about to have a boastful moment.

The Boy Child won the Outstanding Progress prize for Year One. Camera shake unavoidable, as Mummy was trying not to cry.
That is all.

17 thoughts on “A Boastful Moment

  1. Oh Ruth! How wonderful! I will freely admit that the rush of emotion when I read your blog brought tears to my eyes and a huge lump to my throat. I hadn't realise just how important my blogging family had become. I think a “well done Mummy and Daddy” is in order here – going out into the hall to do the happy dance for you now


  2. Oh Ruth!…you must be SO proud…..I know how you have worried about TBC this past year…there's nothing else to say except that I am delighted for you all!!
    Alison xx


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