Summer in the City

Don’t look now, but I think summer may have arrived …
On Saturday, armed with a picnic, sunscreen and hats, we headed in to the City of London for their Sculpture in the City exhibition.
Eight pieces, all within shouting distance of each other.

 ~ Love by Robert Indiana ~
 ~ The Good, The Bad and The Ugly by Jake and Dinos Chapman ~
~ More Really Shiny Things That Don’t Mean Anything by Ryan Gardner ~
 ~ Twenty Four Hour Flag by Richard Wentworth ~
(Tricky to find, this one, until we looked up.)
~ Bench by Keith Coventry ~
~ And The Boy Child trying it out for size ~
 ~ Parallel Field by Anthony Gormley ~
 ~ String Quartet by Shirazeh Houshiary ~
~ One Through Zero by Robert Indiana ~
 ~ The Boy Child with his favourite number ~
~ The Boy Child reminding us he is six ~
I’m not really one for modern art; I like art to have a point.  That said, I enjoyed looking for and looking at these pieces.  If I have a favourite, it would be String Quartet.
What are your thoughts on modern art?

5 thoughts on “Summer in the City

  1. ooh I love those sculptures they look like amazing fun to find in London I like the LOVE and the numbers best I think… are they there until September?? WOuld love to try and go and see them thanks for sharing them all xxx


  2. I am not one for modern art either. Give me the Tate or Royal Academy any day and I even turned down an invitation to Tate Modern as I didn't think I would enjoy it!


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